About Us

This is where the needs of your Company meets the way of making it happen. We champion to give the solution in very short time and we take care of all details.
We work alongside our clients as one team with a shared ambition – fast execution and maximum quality. 
We hear over and over again that it feels different to work with us. Why? A uniquely collaborative culture full of passionate people who care more about your success.

Bringing Key Learnings From A Proud Heritage.

Pharmaium is the product of a proud heritage of Industry professionals dating back 30 years. Pharmaium is dedicated to the long-established  principles of Safety, Quality, Reliability, and Integrity. The market focus for Pharmaium is in the Europian Union and South Amercia Countries.
Pharmaium has gained Clients trust, due primarily to our utmost attention to safety and quality, along with the integration of well-developed project controls, estimating, and scheduling functions.

Our Values:

Doing Things Right Is Equally As Important As Doing The Right Thing.Pharmaium operates within a set of core values that frame our strategy and culture. Our people and reputation are our most valuable resources and as such, we cannot over emphasize the importance of safety. Our values provide our people with standards of behavior necessary to maintain and enhance those resources. Without attempting to rank them, we can say that our actions are consistent with these values:


We believe the business has a perpetual life, but only if it is well managed. We know that actions today can impact the business for years to come, and that long term business success must be earned in a competitive and rapidly changing marketplace. We must embrace change of many kinds, but we must not lose sight of our core values in the process.


We seek to provide services that add value for our clients. We seek to obtain business based on more than price alone.


We believe that a healthy lifestyle and avoidance of unsafe behaviors are essential to our individual welfare and to the success of our business. We believe that injury can be avoided by safe work practices, accountability and leadership.


We recognize that the Pharmaium family is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds, talents and interests and we strive to embrace those differences. We also recognize the critical importance of family relationships and strive to achieve a healthy balance of work and family life.


We will always try to do what we say we will do. Our actions will always be guided by an effort to do the right thing. Our dealings with customers, colleagues, suppliers and others will be conducted with honesty at all times.


We must never become complacent. We constantly seek improvement in all that we do - in the safety and quality of our services, in our people and in how we compete for business.


We value relationships with others and always strive to earn their trust. We recognize that strong relationships are based on mutual trust and professionalism. We know that free and open communication is essential to a healthy organization and to effective business performance.

Safety + Quality

Pharmaium, safety is not just a policy but a key part of our culture. Injury of any kind strikes us to our core – each one of us is essential. Our health, our safety and the quality of our worksites is Priority One.
Protecting people means perfecting the environments in which they work and integrating safety into every action they take.
We believe errors are avoidable because our teams have accomplished major self-performance projects without a single injury. Our “Zero Injury” goal is the challenge every one of us aims to achieve every time we set foot on site.
To ensure that this goal stays at the forefront, we have established leading indicator metrics to enable every manager to evaluate the safety of their worksites. In addition, executive team members conduct on-site audits every month.