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Pharmaium has 30 years of Pharmaceutical industrial experience, expertise in all plant areas and grant you world class service.


For your new or revamp Plant of Cannabis Oil Extraction , use our standard projects. You will win time and money.

full turn key

We offer Cannabis OIL Extraction Plant already running, in a full Turn Key Solution.


We will deliver a Cannabis Oil Extraction Plant full operational

plant ready in 24 months

We will use our standard project, our experience and many materials already prepared

low investment

As we are using Standard Project, the costs will be much less then making a new project and build. We have already agreements with Suppliers for quantities

Our motto

quality is everything

Pharmaium work is made according to the rules governing Safety, ISO Standards, EU GMP, Enviroment. 

Start now your plant

How to start?

Contact us. We will be ready to present our standard project, discuss some basis of the project and give you a proposal for your new Cannabis Oil Extraction plant

We are here to do the work

We will do all the work: Conceptual Design, Detail Engineering, Construction, Process equipment aquisition and installation, Tests, Qualification, Validation and all Regulatory Affairs retalted to the finished product.

We can supply ERP system and implement.

we make your projects happen

our team is here for your company

new plants

We have built and drive new Pharmaceutical Plants in EU and Africa


Our projects of new areas in existing Plants were made using the last Technology integrated with the existing one

new technology

We have knowledge of the last technologies of our selected European Suppliers and we use them in our projects

Cannabis Oil Extraction Plant made by Pharmaium for your Company

Pharmaium offers to your Company an Cannabis Oil Extraction Plant turn key solution.
You can choose from 2 levels of Production Capacity Plants Projects and from 2 levels of Investment/Quality
After an initial meeting, where we will present our standard projects for Cannabis Extraction Plant, you choose the best solution for you.
We will take care of all details of the project, execution, tests, startup, Licenses and approval from the Authorities.
You will receive the Cannabis Oil Extraction Plant already running, we will drive the Plant and we will train your staff.

Investment value

The value of the investment will be a good surprise for your Company.

We are the first one Company in the world to offer Standard Cannabis Oil Extraction Plant.
As the project is standard, all parts are already developed, so the costs of the project and the costs of the equipment are much lower than of a new project.

Project Feasibility Analysis

We have already made a Project Feasibility Analysis for each of our standard Cannabis Oil Extraction Plant.
In the initial meeting we will show this analysis, and in this meeting we can make some simulation with your data for raw materials and finished product sale price.

Execution Time

We have very well defined the time needed for build, test, startup the Plant.
Depending on the solution chosen by you, it will take between 18 months and 24 month.

Pharmaceutical European Union GMP

Pharmaium Cannabis Oil Extraction Plant will be inspected and approved by an European Union Official Entity.
The EU GMP certificate will be granted. And the Plant will be approved to supply European Union.

Project Cannabis Oil Extraction Plant

Our Project Cannabis Oil Extraction Plant  has been analysed and approved  by a worldwide Company.
The building of the clean rooms and productions rooms, HVAC and utilities is made by a Multinational Company, that has built Pharmaceutical Plants around the world.
Our team of Managers will drive the whole project assuring the time schedule and costs control.
The Pharmaium team of managers will drive the Plant, prepare all documentation need from Quality Assurance, Enviroment and Safety, Production, Regulatory and for the Authorities.

Contact us

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email: amg@pharmaium.com

Mobile: + 351 930 579 467

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